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Consulting Network


Consulting Network Blogs is part of the Consulting Network Group of websites. The mission was simple – Collate the huge gamut of knowledge available at varied corners of the web and bring it all together at one place – With this simple mission, we conceptualized and implemented our plan and launched the Consulting Blog Network.

The Team

Mohit is the founder of Consulting Network, world’s first exclusive portal for consultants. A consultant by day and a Jokster at  all other times. Mohit claims to be a proud coffee devout and a social media enthusiast.  He believes in a world where everything is made up and points don’t matter. Mohit loves to talk and  loves to write. You can reach him on mohit.kant [at]

Pranav is a self taught programmer, a genius and  the technical brains of the Consulting Network team. Pranav serves as the Technical Director at Rz2 Games – RZ2 is a leading gaming company in India. Pranav provides expert technical direction and guidance for all of the RZ2 projects. His development experience includes MMOs, Arcade games, RPGs, Shooters and Social Networking games. Pranav is also the high scoring point guard for the RZ2 basketball team. PS: That’s not pranav’s real hairdo ( or is it?)

Sulbha is one of the key members of the Consulting Network Team. She has extensive experience in all aspects of HR Management, Performance Management, Employee engagement, Reward & Recognition, Induction. Handled important processes like Partner Admission, policy conceptualization and implementation etc etc etc…She joined Consulting Network as a mentor and has since become an integral part of our team.


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