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Currently we feature only 42 blogs on our Network.  Our selective approach ensures that only quality content is featured on our network. Following is a list of these40 blogs with absolutely amazing content by highly knowledgeable and engaging authors.

Consultant Blogs Name of the contributor Name of the blog/brand Website/Blog Address
2 Sanjoe Tom Jose Marketing Monster
3 Tushar Khosla Sustaining Relevance
4 Yashanth Time Management- Be the pilot and fly the time!
5 Penelope Cagney Nonprofit Consulting Essentials Blog
6 Shrikrishna Puranik Shrikrishna Puranik
7 Florian Hollender Killer Consultant
8 Saurabh Gahrotra Aspiring Organization Doctor
9 Mohit An Outspoken Mind
10 Soni Sharad Innovation Superman

Business Blogs Name of the contributor Name of the blog/brand Website/Blog Address Description
1 Mohit Agrawal Telecom Circle Telecom Circle (TC) is an open networking organisation for communications, media and advertising industry professionals
2 Mohit Agarwal Best of HBR Best of HBR is a collection of the best articles of all time from the Harvard Business Review!
3 Nimish Adani Workosaur Workosaur is an innovative, online job board for senior professionals in India
4 Arnab Ray Array Consultancy Services Array Consultancy Services, founded in the year 2004, is a business and IT consulting firm in India
5 Narayan Mantri Proteus Advisors Proteus Advisors is an innovative risk consulting firm specializing in Internal Audits, Risk Management, Process Improvement Reviews, Fraud Prevention Reviews, Due Diligence and Data Analytics
6 BR Deshpande Ontonix Ontonix is a privately held software and services firm
7 Abhishek Shah Tech-Quilla A personal blog by Abhishek Shah, a research professional and a tech enthusiast
8 N.Balajhi Enabling business A blog by an independent business consultant that helps companies improve their business performance
9 Anshul Gupta Ideas8bottom A blog by Anshul Gupta,a Social-Traditional Marketer!
10 BR Deshpande Simafore SimaFore helps businesses find the right tools for the right problems to convert data into information assets

Experts Name of the contributor Name of the blog/brand Website/Blog Address Description
1 JP Martins Problem Solved A blog by JP Martins, a Strategist, Problem-Solver, Consultant, Coach | Ex BCG, ex Bain, former Head of Strategy in a financial services firm and now Associate Director Consulting Careers at London Business School
2 Marquis Parker A blog by Marquis Parker,a  business strategist, coach, advisor, mentor, and award-winning blogger on topics of MBA student life and admissions, careers, and business concepts.
3 Linda Abraham has been guiding and advising college and graduate school applicants since 1994.

MBA and B-school Blogs Name of the contributor Name of the blog/brand Website/Blog Address
1 Brady Lewis GMAT Prep, Practice, and Study Guides
2 Rolipolli
3 Mark Wong Random Wok
4 Kruthika The MBA Journey
5 Sunny The Log …
6 Ashok Kadam mbaroadie
7 Tray Sha Gunning for MBA
8 Amar Naik Journey of Low GMATer
9 Ashutosh Didwania Ashutosh Didwania – Current Affairs, Innovation, Society, Business
10 Curious Pursuit of a higher goal.
11 Shekhar Shekhar’s Blog
12 Yashanth Planting Creativity
13 Bhaskar Anand SAS: Student Zone
14 HC My way to H/W/S
15 Chitra Sivasankar Siv Writes here
16 Dmitriy Top MBA Blog
17 Randy The Fuqua Experience
18 Nishant jain The GMAT Yatra



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10 Curious
11 Shekhar
12 Yashanth Planting Creativity


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